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What Is a BLS Certification

What Is a BLS Certification

The Importance of BLS (Basic Life Support Training)

Events that may cause serious injury leading to an individual becoming unconscious are common. These unforeseen events require fast action by people who are capable and have the knowledge to provide immediate medical assistance. The Basic Life Support training is a course that provides people with the basic skills required to administer such assistance. Being trained in this course, is one of the most important steps you can take when it comes to being able to provide help like resuscitating or sustaining someone who is unconscious. Let us see what BLS training is about and why it is important.

Basic Life Support Training

The Basic Life Support course is a short training required of health professionals to revive, sustain, or resuscitate an individual who is in cardiac arrest or suffering from a kind of respiratory failure. It also includes reviving a drowning victim, a stroke patient, or taking action in a scenario where the individuals breathing or heartbeat may have been compromised. It is basically a first aid measure done to maintain the airways, as well as the breathing and circulation without any auxiliary equipment.

BLS is highly recommended for individuals who work with young kids and elderly people. And also for people who work as lifeguards, or coaches. The primary skills taught during the duration of the course include and CPR (chest compressions to circulate blood) and basic mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

The assistance is provided while waiting for an ambulance to arrive or for professional medical help.

When is Basic Life Support Needed?

•When the individual is unconscious

•When the individual isn't breathing (feel the victim's nose or mouth for air or observe if there is rise and fall of chest)

•Abnormal pulse rate (very fast or threads pulse rate)

The Purpose of BLS

The primary objective in BLS is to establish and sustain an open airway in the affected individual to correct respiratory acidosis (when carbon dioxide levels are more than oxygen levels) or to restore breathing. An open airway can be achieved by taking out the object impeding the victim's breathing. If no object is blocking the victim's airway, then it may mean he/she has a heart condition, so the professional is required to give chest compressions. This involves applying pressure to the victim's chest (properly positioning the hands in the right location) to sustain the standard flow of oxygen to the vital organs and the brain.

Why is BLS Important?

1. It gives you the advantage of being prepared

Having BLS certification is an advantage for you and your family as well. Because it will keep you prepared for any life threatening situation that may require Basic Life Support. People who have knowledge of BLS know when and how to take action no matter where or when the event occurs. The knowledge that you can acquire from BLS will keep you prepared to help either your family members or others in any event whether you are at work or home or anywhere else. You will be ready to provide immediate assistance at home, in the grocery store, or on vacation.

2. Procedures like chest compressions need training

Providing CPR may seem simple, but it requires proper technique. If done properly, it can restore the normal heart rate successfully. On the other hand, if it is done wrongly, it may result in further injury to the affected individual. This procedure shouldn't be taken lightly as it places the individual at risk of gastric aspiration or even worse. That is why the right training is required for any individual who intends to be a BLS service provider.

3. Keeps you familiar with emergency equipment

Most health organization who offer BLS certification provide hands-on training. This is an advantage as a hands-on training prepares its participants for real emergency situations, by allowing them to familiarize with any emergency equipment that is going to be used in such a setting.

4. It gives participants increased confidence

Confidence is crucial for people working in certain professions (such as the medical field). This has proven to be so especially when it comes to emergencies that require immediate life-saving measures like CPR. Basic Life Support training will give participants the confidence needed to act fast when necessary; it will eliminate or significantly reduce any form of hesitation he/she may feel when it comes to emergencies. Having the knowledge and confidence that you are taking the right measures required to save someone's life is refreshing. Additionally, the confidence you will derive from BLS will help you gain control of any emergency situation and direct bystanders when necessary.

 5. Increases your chances of employment

When seeking for jobs in certain fields, some employers look favorably on applicants that are BLS certified and have knowledge of how to perform basic first aid (the ability to provide life-saving techniques like CPR). BLS training gives you these skills that increase your appeal to employers. In some other cases, employers may require Basic Life Support certification as part of their employment requirement.

The Basic Life Support course is in place to help you revive, sustain, or resuscitate an individual who is in cardiac arrest or suffering from a kind of respiratory failure. It is basically a first aid measure done to maintain the airways, as well as the breathing and circulation without any auxiliary equipment. The above emphasizes why everyone should consider taking the BLS. The Basic Life Support certification can be obtained after receiving classes from the AMA, American Heart Association, Red Cross, or any other medical organization.

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