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Cpr Training In San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the oldest and largest metropolitan areas in the United States. There are millions of people that interact we each other on a daily basis and in the midst of all of the movement, people die. Some of these people have a chance at living. It is up to each individual to decide whether they want to be the type of person that can save a life or the type of person that has to sit idly by and talk to 911 while another person passes away.

The fact is that many people that suffer a cardiac arrest, choking, drowning or one of many other incidents does not have to die. In the few short minutes that it takes an ambulance or other emergency team to arrive, anyone with the right training can help ensure the survival of another human being.

This person that is being saved can be a child, an adult or any person that has been given a second chance by the properly trained person. This may not even be the difference between life or death, it may be the difference between brain damage or no brain damage. It is impossible to tell in many cases what the few minutes of oxygen deprivation can mean. Most times, an emergency responder will arrive within three minutes, but that is a vital three minutes.

How Can A Person Help

It is simple. A person with the right training is the difference. Training in CPR is inexpensive and is something that everyone, from children to adults should receive. It only takes a few seconds for a relaxing meal, a daily jog, or any moment in time to turn tragic. The human body is complex and can survive many things, but there are also times when the body can seem the most fragile thing in the world. We are here to make sure that those tragic moments become miracles. We are here to help those in San Francisco become a solution and not a bystander.

Imagine a family eating lunch near you and an infant stopped breathing. This is the life, the future of a person hanging in the balance. As others stand and watch in horror, a few dial 911. The family, trained or not, are frozen in panic. Who is going to make the difference between life and death for this child? The answer does not come from that moment, but from a year earlier or a month earlier when someone decided it was time to get the life saving training they need. Now, months, weeks or even a year after that training, that is the person that steps in and saves the life of that child.

An ambulance arrives just two minutes after the call, but those two minutes were critical. The CPR procedure has kept the baby's brain supplied with oxygen that its frail body could not do on its own. While the cause of the incident may be simple and easily treated, the two minutes were vital and it the training that we provide that can make those two minutes scary, but survivable.

Friends, family members or even total strangers can find their life changing in seconds as a simple swim or a simple meal turn tragic. The world that we live in is filled with busy lifestyles and poor eating habits. There are countless reasons why a person's system may begin to fail and it is so important that the moment that happens, there is someone there that knows what to do. 911 is an excellent system that alerts a responsive and well-trained team within the city, but it is near impossible to be everywhere at once.

Anyone Can Be Trained

CPR training is so simple that even a child can do it. The training is interact so that a person leaves knowing not just what to do, but what the procedure should feel like when done. No need for any other training is needed or any previous education. There are no A and F grades, simply us helping another person learn how to preserve life and save lives. In as little as three minutes a person that has lost breathing and/or heart control can die. As little as a few seconds can result in damage to the brain that will last a lifetime.

Even if a person has had previous CPR training, they should come down and re-do the training. There are constant changes as to what should be done and it is critical to do the procedure right. CPR on small children and babies has changed a lot and while the wrong way might save a life, it can also be more damaging if done the wrong way and may even result in death where a person may have lived if the procedure was done right.

Remember, it may be a total stranger, an infant or small child or even a friend or family member that lives because a person has done the right thing and trained in CPR. Anyone and everyone should take part in this vital training. It is so important. Another person can have their life changed. The next time they wake up could be a whole new bright world because you have saved their life. You can give a future to a person where there could have been only darkness. CPR training is so important in San Francisco and everywhere else.

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